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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tell Me Thursday~ Campin' times


Yesterday, I posted some pics of my little Sugar honey taking a ride on a motorcycle. I quietly asked if the reason for my loss of breath was her delighted smile. Autumn hit the nail on the head when she gandered a guess that it wasn't. While her smile surely lit up the entire world, my heart skipped more than a few beats watching her motor around on that thing.

I personally like to see her DRIVING this thing instead:


While she found GREAT joy, I was a nervous wreck. The driver is a friend of The Hubby. He is a very skilled rider, and while giving The Sugar her ride, he went quite slow. I insisted on the helmet. He had been riding around his daughter, who is a year older than Sugar without the helmet. Sugar Bear watched for quite some time, and then asked me if she could have a turn. I was sad to break her heart, but I simply couldn't let her do it without a helmet. She tugged my shirt and said, "There's a kids helmet up at Grandma and Papa's house!" and by golly she was right. My brother had left his daughter's helmet there. LUCKY DAY!

I think you can tell by her smile that she was completely and utterly enthralled with that motorcycle. Oh dear......I can see my future.

Those photos were taken earlier in this month while we were camping on my parent's property. It really is the perfect place to camp. It is located at the mouth of a creek meeting a river. There is a wonderful swimming area...


where the kids can play...


and the adults can snorkle.


Our Dog likes to get in on the action. She is a diving fool. It is her passion. I am NOT kidding. In these photos, The Hubby is sinking a shiny aluminum can, and Daisy dog is diving to get it. As you can see.....the water is about 5 feet deep. She dives with a spiral action. It is so fun to watch.




What a silly dog. She is obsessed. She did it so much that first day....she sprained her tail. I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING!!!!

Camping is great, and Sugar seems to agree with me....a person has to love campin' food.



This was the second campin' trip we took this summer. I haven't edited the pics from the first trip. THOSE will be coming, because we had a blast.

15 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

Your daughter has the most exciting life for a little girl her age that I know...I look at these photo's and think how blessed she is to have you as a mom, what a life you are giving her, she is going to grow up and be the most gr0unded little adult on the planet.
She has blessed your life I know, but boy, you have been an amazing mother to her.

Good to hear you joined again...I cant wait to hear how you doing, so leave me messages in my blog as u drop I know you wont be writing much about it in your blog.

Gayle said...

I am so glad you and Sugar we able to get out camping and spend some quality time together. I'd love for you to be my mom, but, well, that would be weird, now wouldn't it?! :) She's having a great life thanks to YOU!!!

Sue said...

Pure joy in that face...would have loved to have seen yours as she scooted around LOL>
OK...did you get that dog from Canada? I knew a black lab that was just as nuts as yours. Except he dove for rocks...the tail and back legs would twirl like a whirlygig until he got into the water deep enough to swim down. he also did it in salty sea water...wonder how he felt at the end of the day LOL
Thanks for the beautiful photos and sharing your wonderful relationship with your daughter.

Janet said...

What a lot of fun and such happy, family days. Sugar Bear is blessed indeed to have a Mummy who goes out of her way to make happy memories!

Autumn said...

LOL yep I knew it. This from a momma who's been there and done that! Miss Sugar sure looks like she loves it. So cute that she knew exactly where the helmet was. I can't believe your dog sprained her tail! Crazy Daisy!

Maude Lynn said...

These are fabulous pictures!

Definitely insist on that helmet!

Lindy said...

looks like soo much fun. I can't believe your silly dog sprained its tail!!! LOL I didn't even know that was possible!

Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries said...

I am normally not a fan of camping but swimming in the lake and eating snack foods all day sounds like a good plan to me.

I would have been worried too while she was on that motorcycle. I'm glad yall were able to find her a helmet so she could stay relatively safe.

Lovely photos.

Danielle said...

That must have been so much fun for her! She looks like is having a great time!

Gabriel said...

Lovely pictures, and a great story!!! You can't ask for more...

Tanya said...

oh man those pics had me all warm and fuzzy!

Anonymous said...

What a fun, fun memory! I've missed camping, as the last two summers I've been in some sort of pregnancy or post partum state...we'll have to triple up next year!

Christina said...

sprained her tail?! oh my goodness, that is crazy funny!

I am not much of a camper, and as a result Nadia has never been camping. I should probably change that!

Chris said...

It's 100 degrees here today, that water looks SOOOO inviting!

What wonderful moments you have captures here!

What do you do for a sprained tail?

Tabitha Blue said...

That looks like so much fun!!! I'm so glad you guys had a great time... and Sugar is home safe and sound. You can tell though that she was having a blast on that ride!!


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